8 Best Reasons to Change your Garage Door Infrastructure

Changing or upgrading the appearance or infrastructure of your existing garage doors can be a major, but worthwhile operation. Garage doors at the front of residential or commercial properties often take up around 20 – 40 percent of the total facade, making an overall impression on all passersby and visitors. Here’s a brief guide from the custom garage door installation wizards at LA Garage Doors on the best reasons to upgrade your garage door infrastructure.

Home Value Increases

If you install a new and attractive garage door, you will increase your home’s value – an obvious boon to homeowners looking to sell their property. It’s a fact that one of the first aspects of homes visitors notice is the garage door – as well as landscaping.

Lowers Maintenance Time

If you are forced to perform constant maintenance on your garage door due to mechanical issues or fading colors, replacing it with a metal garage door with protective high quality coating will help you lower the amount of time you spend maintaining or repairing your older existing garage door.

Protection from Break-ins

If your garage door opener was made before 1993 make sure to replace it with a new one. The post 1993 implementation of rolling code systems corrected the issue with pre 1993 garage door openers that would allow unauthorized parties to operate your garage through other forms of transmitters. New garage doors correct this issue and allow you to operate your garage door through your phone, tablet, or computer.

Lowers Heat and Cold Transfer

By upgrading your garage with a insulated and weather tight door you can prevent the transfer of precious interior heat or outdoor cold, and vice versa (in the Summertime) to your garage, allowing it to stay at a comfortable temperature and in turn, lowering your energy bill – (see the next step.)

Lowering of Energy Bills

Even tiny uses of heat or cooling for garages can increase your energy bill as if a garage is not well insulated, garage air can flow into your home, disrupting your balance of climate control levels – forcing your climate control systems to compensate, which increases your energy bill.

Peace and Quiet

Brand new garage doors are built for maximum quietness, allowing you or other members of your home to enjoy serene silence that’s not disrupted by the rattling or engine ratcheting of a loud garage door. Belt drive openers that use metal reinforced rubber belts with nylon rollers (with, of course, well lubricated metal) are the optimal choice for quiet garage operation.

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