Garage Door Backup Battery

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Have you experienced any power failures in your Los Angeles garage? Were you aware that you could get a backup battery for your garage door opener to be a saving grace during any sort of power outage – when you desperately need to get your car out of your garage. Here’s our guide to garage door opener backup batteries.

What are Garage Door Opener Backup Batteries?

These small 12 volt battery units are used by garage door openers for power in the event of a power outage. Brands like LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Mastercraft, Genie, and Linear provide them – with LiftMaster providing the oldest and most well designed option. Some LiftMaster backup batteries are incorporated into the motor housing of the opener, and some others are attached over the motor housing.

Other Cool Features of Garage Door Opener Backup Batteries:

  • When fully charged, these backup batteries can provide a garage door opener with 24 hours of standby power, enough to operate up to 20 full cycles.

  • They fully recharge in 4.5 hours.

  • They can even be recycled!

How do I know it’s time for a battery recharge?

Depending on what type of battery you purchase, when it’s time to recharge it you will hear a beep every 2-30 seconds, or a orange or red light indicating low battery.

Are they expensive?

Not so much – they range between 50 and 60 to 100 dollars.

What if I don’t have a garage door opener backup battery?

The other option to open the garage door will be manual opening – which can be done by pulling on the opener release cord, disengaging the trolly, and manually lifting your door (then closing it, reactivating the release mechanism in order to maintain security.)

Where can I buy a garage door opener backup battery?

You can purchase them from any professional garage door repair and maintenance expert – like those at LA Garage and Gate.

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