Garage Door Variety Guide

For the non-professional – and let’s face it, what type of average homeowner considers himself a garage door professional, unless they work at LA Garage Doors? – the complicated bevy of moving parts involved in garage doors can be opaque and difficult to understand. In this blog post, the true garage door mavens at LA Garage Doors will go into some detail by defining a glossary of garage door anatomical terminology so you can better understand the technically complicated workings of a garage door.

Opening Terms

  • Swing Outwards Garage Doors – These hinge on one side and swing outwards like a barn door.

  • Swing Upwards Garage Door – This door tilts upwards, swings outwards, and slides in.

  • Roll Upward Garage Door – This door, usually found in storage or warehouse settings, involves a door that coils as it’s pushed upwards.

  • Slide Horizontal Garage Doors – These doors slide horizontally on a track to a single side of the garage opening.

  • Sectional Opening Garage Doors – This door is composed of horizontal sectioning that bends as the door opens and becomes rigid when it closes.


  • Flush Panels – These clean panels have zero design, and a smooth surface.

  • Short and Long Panels – These panels can be used on single or double doors. Two panels are stacked on a single door, and four panels are symmetrically stacked on double doors.

  • Raised Paneling – These are placed on the top of the garage door frame. They are usually rectangular, but can be made in different shapes.

  • Recessed paneling – These panels are placed inside the door itself.

  • Beadboard Panels – These designs are made of squares and rectangles that are recessed outwards.

Garage Door Opener Types

Chain Drivers – These utilize heavy grade metallic chains to open up the door – and are the cheapest garage door opener type, but they are pretty loud.

Belt Drive Openers – These use heavy duty rubber belts to open up the doors, and are very quiet and long-lasting, but very expensive.

Screw Drive Openers – These openers turn a steel rod that activates the trolley of the garage door, raising or lowering it – and these openers are made of less parts, requiring much less maintenance than other garage doors.

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