Garage Playrooms

If you have kids, you might want to transform your garage into a playroom! This is a great way to practically utilize the space in your home while giving your little one a place to safely explore and play. However, it can be complicated to safely transform your garage into a functioning playroom – here’s a guide on how to do so, as prepared by the experts at LA Garage Door and Gates.

What are the benefits of making a garage playroom?

Garages have tons of space, and are insulated – so they can stay warm throughout the entire season – while also being protected from getting too boiling during the Summer.


What’s the best kind of paint for concrete walls?

Really it’s your choice! We recommend premium paints so as to minimize the chances of any chipping which is definitely something you don’t want to be going on in a child’s playroom.


Is there a risk of the garage door opening while your kids are inside the room?

Not if you disconnect the garage door opener, making it impossible for the children to open the door. Of course, you can easily reconnect it yourself if for any reason you will need to open the garage door automatically, much less manually – the controls will remain on the wall ready for you to reactivate them at any time.


What accessories can you use to fill up your child’s garage playroom?

Head to stores like Ikea or the Container Store for storage solutions in many different shapes and sizes. For a traditional familiar childhood flair, we recommend getting soft puzzle floor mats that link together – which you can easily find at tons of websites including Amazon, Home Depot, or Toys R Us. Then, choose to decorate the playroom with familiar wall stickers – we recommend checking out the options at Michael’s, a fantastic art supply store.

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