Automated Security Gates

Automatic security gates allow for fantastic levels of both safety and convenience in residential and commercial properties. Here’s a guide to the major types of automated security gates, as prepared by the gate installation experts here at Los Angeles Garage Door & Gate.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are entryways that consist of a single or double gate that horizontally swing inward to allow vehicles to pass in. With single gates, it opens at a single end, and pulls inward on another end. Double gates part in the center and both pull inward and aside. These gates run on a parallel level on each side of the driveway. Swing gates work the best on flat driveways that have lots of horizontal room – namely locations with even planes and few obstructions. These offer the benefit of having doors that align on a parallel plane to the driveway, occupying minimal space. These gates don’t’ work in spaces where the driveway is on a dip or an incline, or if it moves upward within a few feet of the entrance, which can cause a blockage for opening, or a weird gap.

Sliding Gates

These gates simply slide horizontally to allow vehicles to pass through. Single slide gates open on a single end and slide to one side until it clears the driveway. Double swing gates part at the center and slide to either end. When these gates are open, they are perpendicular to the driveway. They work good on flat driveways with lots of room on either side. They offer the benefit of pulling aside from the entrance, creating a large access space. They can’t be installed in places where the driveway has tons of inclines, or hills on either side, or driveways that have water on either side.

Tilting Gate

These gates open up vertically to let vehicles pass through. Single gates pull up and aside to one side of the entrance-way, and double gates part at the center and pull up and to either side. When tilting gates are fully open, they sit at a 90 degree angle to the driveway’s side. They work best in driveways that have lots of overhead space, clear of lights, trees, or other obstructions. They consume the least amount of horizontal space – but they are not a suitable automatic gate option in driveways where trees, roofs, or other obstructions would inhibit vertical motion.