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Garage Door Installation in Los Angeles

Guide to Garage Door Clearance

If you’re installing a garage door at your Los Angeles residential or commercial property, it’s important to understand garage door clearance requirements in order to ensure that you are ordering/purchasing the proper garage set up. Both torsion spring and extension spring based garage door openers have specific minimum door clearance requirements to be installed and operate safely. Here’s a guide to garage door clearance requirements, as prepared by the garage door installation experts here at Los Angeles Garage and Gate.

Typical Garage Headroom Clearance Requirements

Garage headroom clearance describes the difference between the distance between the garage door’s opening and the ceiling. When most garage doors open, they roll back up on their horizontal tracks. The top of the garage door needs room to make that door. The majority of normal garage doors fit with extension springs neet at least 10 inches of headroom. Torsion spring garage doors usually need at least 12 inches of headroom due to the brackets that hold the torsions bar in place at either end.

Low Headroom Clearance

Certain garages don’t have the standard garage door minimum headroom requirements, instead requiring double low headroom tracks. These have a top roller that runs down the higher horizontal track, with the other rollers rolling down the lower horizontal track. The top part of the door makes a quicker turn when opening. With this, torsion spring garage doors need at least 9.5 inches of headroom, while extension spring garage doors need at least 4.5 inches of headroom. While it is possible to have torsion springs in garage with only 5 inches of headroom, this will require the mounting of the torsion springs on the back of the horizontal tracks, which can be quite difficult.

Sideroom Clearance Minimums

Sideroom describes the space between the side of the garage door opening and the side wall. This area is where the horizontal bracket are attached. Torsion spring doors additionally need room for each end of the of the torsion bar. The sideroom requirement for extension spring AND torsion spring doors are usually around 3.75 inches. Low headroom garage installations need more headroom than normal doors, with torsion spring garage doors needing extra room for the cable and cable drum mountings on the exterior rather than interior of the tracks, with a minimum of 6 inches of sideroom.

Depth Clearance Minimums

The depth of the garage describes the distance between the top part of the door and the closest obstruction at the back of the garage. The garage door needs room to totally roll up – usually the calculation is the height of the door, with about 18 inches added, which gives room for the door as well as all horizontal track securing hardware.

IOS Controlled Garage Doors

Modern technology has allowed for ever increasing potential for convenience and interconnection between home devices. This is something that the garage door repair experts at LA Garage Doors and Gate have been super excited about – notably the technology that allows garage doors to be paired with and controlled by the IOS software that exists on tons of people’s iPhones – or even Apple Watches or Siri!! Here’s a brief background guide to IOS Garage Door Control technology.

First, you need to verify if your garage door has the capability to work with IOS.

LiftMaster and Chamberlain garage door openers made after the year 1993 allow for the installation of special accessories that make it possible for a voice connection to work via IOS through iPhones or Apple Watches. Here’s how to pair your door according to the year of your garage door opener type.

  • Post 1996 garage door openers: Your LiftMaster or Chamberlain door probably has Security+ Technology- check to see if it has an orange button labeled ‘learn’; this button will allow you to program remotes.
  • Post 2006 garage door openers: Same as above, however the button labeled ‘learn’ is purple.
  • Post 2013 garage door openers: These garage door openers additionally have MyQ technology, and the ‘learn’  button is round and yellow.
  • Post 2017 garage door openers: Many LiftMaster and Chamberlain garage door openers after this period come equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities.

If you’re not sure what date your garage door was manufactured in, check out the metallic housing on your garage door opener for an engraved date.

Connecting Garage Door Openers to Siri

Here’s a guide to what accessories you will need to connect your garage door opener to Siri based on what year your garage door opener is from.

  • Garage door openers from 1996-2013: You will need the 888LM MyQ Control Panel and the 828LM Internet Gateway.
  • Garage door openers from 2014-August 2017: You will need the 819LMB MyQ Home Bridge.
  • Garage door openers after August 2017: LiftMaster Garage door openers with model numbers followed with the letter W already have internal Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as many of the LiftMaster Contractor series model and some Chamberlain models. Check the respective company’s websites to see if your model has these capabilities.

Ways you can control your garage door with Siri:

  • Open and shut garage doors in Wi-FI mode when you’re near your home. If you have an Apple TV or an iPad with the latest IOS, you can operate the garage door from anywhere in the world just by saying “Hey Siri, close my garage door.”
  • Check the open or shut status of the garage door when you’re not sure if you remembered to close it. You need to be somewhat near the door to do so, unless you have an Apple TV or an iPad using IOS-8 or whatever models come later than that. Simply ask Siri if the garage door is closed.
  • Use the ‘Home’ IOS app to control all HomeKit accessories.



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