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DIY Garage Door Repair Do’s and Dont’s

Like we repeat many times here at Los Angeles Garage Door & Gates, amateurs should NEVER attempt to carry out DIY garage door fixes on components like belts and springs. This can prove to be incredibly dangerous – which is why it should be left to the hands of certified expert garage door and garage door opener repair technicians. However, there’s a few minor operations that the average lay person can carry out in their garage. In this blog post, the garage door opener repair experts here on our team will detail DIY garage door fixes that CAN be accomplished, and those that should NEVER BE ATTEMPTED BY AMATEURS.

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Garage door emergency releases

Most consumers are unaware of the emergency release cord on their garage door – as it’s only meant to be used in emergencies. However, being unaware of this cord can result in great danger, as understanding how and when to use garage emergency release cords can make a difference between injury and safety. In this blog entry, the garage installation and garage repair experts here at Los Angeles Garage and Gate will provide some detail as to the use of emergency garage release cords.

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Benefits of Commercial Garage Door Preventative Maintenance

Since garage doors – especially those in active commercial locations – are used on a regular basis, they suffer lots of wear and tear. This degrades their mechanisms over time, making them break faster and gradually run with less precision. It’s essential that businesses have a preventative maintenance plan to ensure that their garage doors remain functional; in this blog post, the garage door repair experts here at Los Angeles Garage Door and Gates will detail why preventative maintenance for commercial garage doors is so important.

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