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Benefits of Commercial Garage Door Preventative Maintenance

Since garage doors – especially those in active commercial locations – are used on a regular basis, they suffer lots of wear and tear. This degrades their mechanisms over time, making them break faster and gradually run with less precision. It’s essential that businesses have a preventative maintenance plan to ensure that their garage doors remain functional; in this blog post, the garage door repair experts here at Los Angeles Garage Door and Gates will detail why preventative maintenance for commercial garage doors is so important.

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How to Know your Garage Torsion Spring Needs Repairs

Garage torsion springs can be considered the muscles of your garage door that exert the effort to lift it when commanded and allow it to smoothly close. When torsion springs experience issues, your garage might behave strangely or make weird sounds – and this is actually a sign of imminent danger, as the immense weight of your garage can come crashing down. Here’s a guide to some important signs that indicate that your garage torsion springs require repairs, as prepared by the garage door experts here at Los Angeles Garage Door and Gates.

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How to Fix Broken Garage Springs

It usually starts by hearing a strange sound coming from your garage door – and you just know your garage door spring is broken. A broken garage door spring will prevent your garage door from opening properly, and replacing it can be complicated and tricky – however, the experts here at Los Angeles Garage Door and Gate have advice for you on what to do if your garage springs are broken.

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