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Garage Door Technological History

Here at Los Angeles Garage Door & Gates, garage technology is our bread and butter. Our expert technicians are skilled at the in’s and out’s of installing, repairing, and maintaining garage doors, garage door openers, and garage door accessories. While many people may not realize it, garage doors are actually quite history-spanning pieces of technology, with origins way back from the contemporary and high tech models that we professionally provide our customers. In this brief blog post, our expert garage door installation team will detail some of the storied history of garage door technology.

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Garage door emergency releases

Most consumers are unaware of the emergency release cord on their garage door – as it’s only meant to be used in emergencies. However, being unaware of this cord can result in great danger, as understanding how and when to use garage emergency release cords can make a difference between injury and safety. In this blog entry, the garage installation and garage repair experts here at Los Angeles Garage and Gate will provide some detail as to the use of emergency garage release cords.

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How you Know you Have Superior Garage Doors for your Business

Making sure your business has brand new, highly functional garage doors is a fantastic way to ensure it’s professional function and reputation – however, since most average people aren’t experts with garage doors, it can be hard to determine whether the garage doors their business have in place are truly of superior quality. Here’s a guide from the garage door installation experts here at Los Angeles Garage Door and Gates on how to determine if you have superior commercial garage doors.

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