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Garage Door Technological History

Here at Los Angeles Garage Door & Gates, garage technology is our bread and butter. Our expert technicians are skilled at the in’s and out’s of installing, repairing, and maintaining garage doors, garage door openers, and garage door accessories. While many people may not realize it, garage doors are actually quite history-spanning pieces of technology, with origins way back from the contemporary and high tech models that we professionally provide our customers. In this brief blog post, our expert garage door installation team will detail some of the storied history of garage door technology.

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Automated Security Gates

Automatic security gates allow for fantastic levels of both safety and convenience in residential and commercial properties. Here’s a guide to the major types of automated security gates, as prepared by the gate installation experts here at Los Angeles Garage Door & Gate.

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Preventative Garage Door Maintenance

Now that Fall is solidly in place and Winter is coming, it’s essential that we all get a handle on all the necessary Garage Door Maintenance that we need to implement in order to protect our garages from the coming colder season. During Winter, many garages fall into maintenance lapses and disrepair, causing problems that can last indefinitely through the coming Spring – even if we’re talking Los Angeles, and not Detroit. Here’s LA Garage Door’s guide to garage door maintenance.

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