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Garage Door Technological History

Here at Los Angeles Garage Door & Gates, garage technology is our bread and butter. Our expert technicians are skilled at the in’s and out’s of installing, repairing, and maintaining garage doors, garage door openers, and garage door accessories. While many people may not realize it, garage doors are actually quite history-spanning pieces of technology, with origins way back from the contemporary and high tech models that we professionally provide our customers. In this brief blog post, our expert garage door installation team will detail some of the storied history of garage door technology.

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DIY Garage Door Repair Do’s and Dont’s

Like we repeat many times here at Los Angeles Garage Door & Gates, amateurs should NEVER attempt to carry out DIY garage door fixes on components like belts and springs. This can prove to be incredibly dangerous – which is why it should be left to the hands of certified expert garage door and garage door opener repair technicians. However, there’s a few minor operations that the average lay person can carry out in their garage. In this blog post, the garage door opener repair experts here on our team will detail DIY garage door fixes that CAN be accomplished, and those that should NEVER BE ATTEMPTED BY AMATEURS.

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When your Garage Door Opens By Itself

When your garage door starts opening by itself, you might be worrying if your home is being haunted by spirits, but luckily there’s a perfect, non-supernatural explanation for why your garage is behaving like this. In fact, there’s multiple potential explanations, that through using this handy guide prepared by the garage door opener repair experts here at Los Angeles Garage Door and Gate you can identify and troubleshoot.

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