Garage Care Resolutions for the New Year

Now that it’s the New Year, it’s a fantastic time to create a list of resolutions for your garage maintenance – as it’s a great opportunity to ensure that you make sure your garage needs are fully addressed all year long. Here’s a guide some fantastic garage resolutions that you can implement, as prepared by the garage door maintenance experts here at Los Angeles Garage & Gate.

Optimize Garage Space

Make sure to optimize the space inside your garage. Consider utilizing it as a form of storage room. We recommend browsing websites like Houzz or Pinterest, where you can find tons of inspiration for different garage storage configurations. If you consolidate space in your garage in an intelligent manner, it won’t become a disorganized junk dumping ground like so many garages do, but rather an anchor of your home organization that’s actually pleasant to be in.

Make sure your Garage Opener is Regularly Serviced

Ensure that you regularly inspect your garage door to ensure that it’s properly working. Make sure all parts of your garage opener system – including it’s rollers, springs, and hinges are lubricated at least twice a year.

Make sure your garage opener is safe

Make sure that you have a garage opener that’s been made after the year 1993. Garage openers made after this year have a photoelectric and mechanical backup system. If your garage opener doesn’t have both of these systems, you should replace it to make sure that it’s as safe as possible.

Prepare for potential power outages

Try pulling your garage emergency cord, and lift it open, remove your car, and then re-close the door by replacing the door opener release mechanism to its proper place. This way you can rest easy in knowing that you can enter your garage in the event of a power outage.

Make sure your garage is secure and protected against potential criminal entry. Make sure your garage remote isn’t left in plain sight inside your vehicle – which many people do, clipping it to the sun visor. Just attach a mini remote to your keyring, or consider getting a smartphone enabled garage door opener. Make sure that any door from the interior of your garage into your home stays locked when not in use.