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Haunted Garage Doors?

If your garage door is opening and closing by itself, you may be worried about getting a priest or exorcist into your home, as it seems like your garage may be getting controlled by a ghost or poltergeist. Don’t fear though; we promise you that the cause of your garage door malfunctions is technical, not supernatural. Here’s a guide to troubleshooting garage doors with a seeming mind of its own, as prepared by the garage door opener repair team here at Los Angeles Garage Door and Gates.

Aging Batteries

If your batteries are old, they might cause your garage door to operate strangely. Most garage opener remotes simply require normal batteries that can be found at any hardware store – but some need a special unique battery.

Power Surges

Power surges – often caused by lighting storms – can overload the garage door opener technology and scramble it’s codes. This issue can be difficult for the average person to fix alone, since the rolling garage codes make it more secure; this issue is best left to be fixed by professionals.

Sticking Buttons

Garage door controllers sometimes have sticky buttons or worn out remotes or wall panels. Simply replace the remote – making sure that the replacement is compatible with the garage door opener – and see if this fixes the problem.

Circuit Board Issues or Wiring Issues

If your circuit board is malfunctioning it will likely require a full replacement, unless you hire our expert team of garage door opener repair experts to help remedy the electrical issues to restore the door’s normal operation. It’s very much the same situation with wiring issues, where exposed wires, electrical shorts, or hypersensitive safety sensors can be causing the issues – again, best left to professionals for repairs.

When your Garage Door Opens By Itself

When your garage door starts opening by itself, you might be worrying if your home is being haunted by spirits, but luckily there’s a perfect, non-supernatural explanation for why your garage is behaving like this. In fact, there’s multiple potential explanations, that through using this handy guide prepared by the garage door opener repair experts here at Los Angeles Garage Door and Gate you can identify and troubleshoot.

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