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Garage Fireproofing

Fireproofing is an essential task for any home or business; it’s necessary to ensure that your property, and all those inside, are protected from the risk of deadly fires. Here’s a guide to the basics of garage fireproofing, as prepared by the garage door installation and maintenance experts here at Los Angeles Garage Door and Gates.

Getting Wiring Inspected

Make sure to get professionals to inspect potentially faulty wiring, as electrical fires can suddenly happen when there’s nobody around to notice, causing potential danger.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors – with New Batteries

Make sure to have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in place at your garage, all with fresh batteries. If a fire starts in your garage when you’re asleep it can quickly prove deadly – so make sure that you will be notified by a blaring alarm if this situation ever occurs.

Sprinkler Systems

We recommend having a fire/smoke sensing sprinkler system installed in your garage – just make sure it’s fully connected and functional.

Minimizing Clutter

Try to remove as much flammable clutter from your garage – like books and newspaper scraps – as this can prove to be fuel for a growing fire. Large tools or equipment can make it harder to evacuate garages or to suppress growing fires. Instead, get fire proof or fire resistant storage bins to consolidate the clutter and make the garage less of a fire hazard.

Store Flammable and Combustible Material

Make sure that all combustible material like oil, lighter fluid, paint, and gas is properly sealed and stored – as even gas or vapor escaping from these can make a garage explode from a simple spark. Store these materials in clearly marked, fire coded, sealed, and durable containers, far away from any sources of heat like furnaces, heaters, direct sunlight, or even warm operating appliances. 

Items Never to Store in your Garage

Although garages are being used for myriad activities and settings these days from party spaces to places for band practice, there’s certain items that just should never be kept in garage – for reasons of health and safety. Here’s a guide to ten items that should never be stored inside your garage, as prepared by the garage repair experts here at Los Angeles Garage Doors and Gates.

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